EFT Coffee

EFT Coffee


– Supports AMD + Intel
– Supports windows 11 and all windows 10 builds
– 100% stream spoof

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– External
– Streamproof (can only capture via nvidia geforce experience/capture card)

– Aimbot:

[+]Silent aimbot
[+]Aimkey selection
[+]Aimbone (head or nearest)

– Visuals:

[+]ESP Font Size
[+]AI Box
[+]Player Box
[+]AI Healthbar
[+]Player Healthbar
[+]Player&AI Name/Distance
[+]Player&AI Inventory
[+]Player&AI Weapon
[+]Player Color
[+]Player Distance Cap
[+]AI Color
[+]AI Distance Cap
[+]Boss Color
[+]Exfil Points
[+]Exfils Color
[+]Exfil Distance Cap
[+]Loot On/Off
[+]Show loot esp outline
[+]Show container names
[+]Corpses distance cap
[+]Corpses Color
[+]Container Name Color
[+]Loot Distance Cap
[+]Loot Minimal Price (PgUp/PgDn)
[+]Always Show Active Quest Items
[+]Quest Locations

– Misc features:

[+]V1 speedhack (1.8x)
[+]Instant Examine
[+]Disable ADS
[+]Extra Lean (Q/E)
[+]Extra Lean Offset
[+]X60 V2 Speedhack
[+]V2 Speedhack Value
[+]Inf. Stamina
[+]Loot Through Walls
[+]No Recoil
[+]No Sway/Breath
[+]No Visor
[+]Thermal Vision
[+]Enemy Chams
[+]Local Player Chams
[+]Loot Item Chams
[+]Corpse Chams
[+]Bullet Tracers
[+]Ammo Quick Load & Unload
[+]FOV Changer
[+]Instant FOV Change On/off
[+]Normal FOV
[+]Aiming FOV (Approx.)
[+]No Inertia
[+]No Gun Malfunction
[+]No Sprint Block (Run n’ Gun)
[+]Timechanger Time
[+]High Jump
[+]Double Search
[+]Jump Height
[+]Show ammo count
[+]Show aim fov
[+]Show crosshair

– ESP Loot Filters:
[+]Add an item to config by name
[+]Override distance cap, colour, font size for given item

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